Rajpur Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd.  

Company Profile

Small and mini hydel development schemes can provide a solution for the energy problems in remote and hilly areas where extension of grid system is comparatively un-economical and also along the canal system having sufficient drops.  The small hydro potential can be developed economically by simple design of turbines, generators and civil works.  Small Hydro electrical schemes due to short gestation period, lesser financial needs, simple civil works, and minimum operation and maintenance expenses besides being environment friendly are receiving priority over other sources of energy.  The abundant potential of small run-of-river hydro schemes in North and North Eastern parts of India and a number of streams in the Himalayas and associated mountains can be harnessed for developing high and medium head run-of-river small hydro electric schemes.

Small hydro programme is one of the thrust areas of power generation from renewable in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.  It has been recognized that the small hydro power projects can play a critical role in improving the overall energy scenario of the country and in particular for remote and inaccessible areas.  Harnessing of Hydro potential will facilitate economic development of the States particularly North Eastern States, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, since large hydro power potential is located in these States.

Rajpur Hydro Power Private Limited intense to be are small hydro electric power specialist in the Renewable Energy space given its long term potential and this strengths of the management.

Rajpur Hydro Power Private Limited was originally promoted by DLI Power India Private Limited    (100% subsidiary of DLZ – USA).  Major player in the small hydro electric power segment with over 50MW of operational capacity over the last decade.

Rajpur Hydro Power Private Limited is the special purpose vehicle specifically to execute the 4.5 MW Rajpur Hydro Electric Project in Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh State, INDIA.

The group of people associated with Rajpur Hydro Power Private Limited have acquired project at various stages of project life cycle and have successfully added value to these projects.

Rajpur Hydro Power Private Limited is on the lookout to acquire similar small hydro access at various stages of project life cycle.